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Episode 259: Dear Diary

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Episode 259: Dear Diary

Above: a glimpse at a page from my graphic novel diary project and a glimpse of a “Daily Diary” example from Gemma Correll (in Craft-a-Doodle).

Episode 259 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, diary talk… of the graphic novel sort. Tune in for diaries, journals, visual logs, graphic novels, sketchnotes, and the ways in which they overlap in a personal project that keeps reappearing on my daily to-do list. Plus, necessary threads of memory, forgetfulness, personal history, documentation, recordkeeping, no new wheels, and more creative journey talk. Looking for the actionable inspiration? There is a prompt for you at the end with multiple ways you can try this format.

Note: there were technical issues recording this episode… this episode took a lifetime to produce… hopefully things hold together in listening.

The Flow of Episode 259 (and relevant links):

  • Diary talk… and semantics… and purple, fuzzy, lock and key images
  • Keeping a “journal”
  • Visual journalling… right words but different project (a la Everyday Matters)
  • Illustrated journal, Graphic Novel Log, Graphic Novel Diary, Illustrated Diary… mix and match your project name — what do you call YOUR daily log (visual or not)?
  • A daily graphic novel diary project in May 2013… the “woosh” of opening up the sketchbook again… (the sketchbook starts in 2012… but the May panels, the first of my “daily”/monthly logs in this format, are from May 2013. I think I misattributed the project to 2012 in several places.)
  • My approach to the graphic novel panels project (my graphic novel diary) then (one image a day) and now (whatever it takes)
  • Picking up this project again this year… shifting format and design happening over time… more and more text… more and more bits and pieces…
  • Influence of Sketchnotes on this project (Sketchnote shows: 251, 252, 254)
  • Gemma Correl’s Daily Diary prompt in Craft-a-Doodle (this book was the subject of Episode 252)
  • Gemma Correll (Instagram)
  • Dawn Devries Sokol “divide the page freeform and fill in one section each day” prompt in Craft-a-Doodle
  • Dawn Devries Sokol (at Instagram)
  • Sketchnote/typography prompt by Carolyn Sewell in Journal It! (this book was talked about in Episode 184)
  • Carolyn Sewell (at Instagram)
  • 365 Days: A Diary (Julie Doucet)
  • American Elf (James Kochalka)
  • Secrets from the Road (Sketchnote travel log by Eva-Lotta Lamm)
  • Eva-Lotta Lamm (at Instagram)
  • Guitar music: Nicholai Heidlas on SoundCloud
  • Creativity Matters Group at Facebook
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“After a consistent run of daily panels in 2013, I fell off the project. Even though part of me always wanted to make THAT my do or die habit, it gave way that first year to the pressure of other things. I pivoted. I hopscotched. I leap-frogged to something else and wasn’t able to keep more than one ball in the air. But I have come back to this project time and time again. It is never far from my surface.”
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