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Episode 260: Friendship

Amy Creative Journey | Featured | Podcast

Episode 260: Friendship

Above: a recent drawing in ballpoint. 

Episode 260 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, pulling together a week of spaghetti threads. Advance warning that this one leans toward the melodramatic and the philosophical. What do a “friendship” episode of a podcast and some forced in-person meetings have to do with my nightly (daily) drawing? Plus, the person you know you really need to know… you just know (AKA, listening to two podcast interviews with Maira Kalman).

This show gets continued, clarified, expanded and expounded upon in Episode 261 (forthcoming), so don’t jump to any conclusions! By the way… virtual coffee works for me. It’s what I have time for, can fit in, and can do in tandem with the rest of my day. Virtual coffee leaves me time to do my art in the margins, to devote minutes or hours to drawing, knitting, sewing, podcasting…   

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