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Episode 262: Inktober

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Episode 262: Inktober

Above: a drawing from last Inktober (October 2016). I was just getting started with portrait drawing. A lot has changed in a year!


Episode 262 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast – Inktober

In this episode of the CMP, Inktober! Inktober, a daily ink drawing challenge, starts October 1, and I hope you are planning to do it. If you already draw in ink, Inktober may seem like “just” a daily drawing challenge. (That’s still good!) If ink is not your medium, however, maybe Inktober feels more intimidating. If you are interested in drawing, in bettering your drawing skills or in reinforcing or starting a daily drawing habit, you should do it! I’ve got suggestions on ways to think about Inktober. One of the things I find most helpful is to have a focus. (There are also prompts available, if you like prompts.)

In this show, a major nudge to you to do Inktober, along with a look at Inktober from 2016, which was when I first started working with Sktchy and portrait drawing. Flipping through my sketchbook from October 2016 (and yes, it was a basic, lined composition book), I see my early attempts at portrait drawing… mixed in with random dog and even carousel horse drawings. I didn’t know it at the time, but Inktober 2016 was an important period for me… and yep… housed a pivot.

What tools will I be using? Since I am going to shift out of ballpoint for the month (gasp!), I’ll be working in black ink. Maybe I’ll do a roundup of my tools later, but what I want to stress to all of you is that you just need a pen. You do not have to have any fancy, popular, or specific pen to do Inktober!

Note: October has 31 days. I referenced “30 days” multiple times in generally talking about a “month”/daily challenge. I caught myself once, but not all. I do know that October has 31 days.

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