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Episode 261: Sketchnote Selfie

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Episode 261: Sketchnote Selfie

Above: a glimpse at a #sketchnoteselfie in progress. 

Episode 261 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, some talk-back to the Friendship show (Episode 260), the “it fits” nature of virtual connection and community (or volunteering) that allows us to create these spaces and connections with one another right alongside and in between and in small pockets of time within our day-to-day. In other words… virtual coffee works for me! It’s what I have time for. Plus, thoughts on bags and a “bag lady” comment (at its most literal), a teen’s old painting catches me waiting for the Muni, and a sketchnote selfie challenge for everyone! This show is coming in out of sequence, so the challenge is badly timed! I wanted to get the show live though, and I will circle back later to nudge everyone about the sketchnote challenge. Happy Inktober!

If you are wondering about that bag lady comment… somehow I never closed the loop. I started down the path of mentioning that small bag because there were so many books waiting for me that they didn’t all fit in the bag! But I birdwalked my way into something quasi-philosophical as I thought about what I “look” like each week with my bag, whatever bag it happens to be. [Chalk this up as the things you learn when you visit the show notes page!]

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