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Episode 266

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Episode 266

Above: a drawing in ink from Inktober 2017.

Episode 266 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, a bit of an Inktober update… and an experiment in drawing together (or at least drawing the same thing as someone else). Plus, some insight and perspective into the daily challenge, as it enters the final days.

The Flow of Episode 266 (and relevant links):

  • This episode is even more anecdotal than usual!
  • Inktober
  • Picking photos to draw with someone else (from Sktchy)
  • Drawing in real-time with someone else
  • Bringing some blue ink to the black ink drawings to shake things up
  • A growing series of portraits
  • Looking ahead to a gratitude project in November (like last year)
  • Episode 205 (outlining my thoughts last year on gratitude)
  • Episode 206 (during November 2016, my gratitude project in process)

Mentioned in this show:

Show info:

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2 thoughts on “Episode 266

  1. “The value of sharing your work cannot be understated.”
    This was (another) great podcast. Great ideas: just do it, keep doing it, and do it even if ‘getting better’ isn’t the end goal. Thank you for this nudge.
    I appreciate these podcasts – and often think of things you’ve said off and on during the week.
    (P.S. I am now reading ‘Art Before Breakfast’ by Danny Gregory thanks to your nudge in the last podcast!)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Pam! I really appreciate hearing that these shows have resonance for you. I hope you enjoy Danny’s book. That is a good book. Creative License is my favorite, but I have enjoyed them all!

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