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Episode 267: Plan Ahead

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Episode 267: Plan Ahead


Episode 267 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast – Plan Ahead

In this episode of the CMP, a short show – “Spark” – experiment with a quick focus on planning for the coming month, setting up a tracker in advance, and getting tasks, priorities, to-dos, and goals lined up in preparation for November. Circular trackers, square trackers, colorful trackers, what works and what doesn’t, and a nudge to do your planning in the days just ahead of the start of the month.

The Flow of Episode 267 (and relevant links):

  • Circular tracker or intention wheel (in the show, I mentioned you can buy these; after I recorded, I found this PDF. It’s similar in style to this one or this one… similar. See ScatteredPrintables at Etsy or Paws and Paper at Etsy for examples of download/print-your-own options.)
  • Boho Berry’s Circular Mood Mandala (I had saved a link to a few Boho Berry mood/mandala ideas for a newsletter I had been slowly building, and then one of the community members shared that she is doing this already! If you are tracking moods OR love mandalas, check these out!)
  • Circular Mood Tracker Step by Step (Boho Berry YouTube video)
  • Squared off version of the circular tracker (one version)

Show information:

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