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Episode 268: With Gratitude

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Episode 268

Above: a glimpse of my gratidude project, November 2016.

Episode 268 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, a bit of “pipe dream” word play (sometimes I can’t resist) and then a deep dive discussion about gratitude. I didn’t talk that much here about “why” gratitude… some of that you will find in older shows, and maybe I will include that in other November shows. What you will find in this episode is a nudge to consider doing a month-long gratitude project in November and a bunch of suggestions for projects you might consider.  

The Flow of Episode 268 (and relevant links):

Suggestions for gratitude projects that are freeform, require little in the way of materials, and can be worked on over a number of days:

  1. Spiral – draw a spiral on a page (any size) and then start from the center and work your way around the spiral, writing in the things each day for which you are grateful.
  2. Shipping tag garland or paper chain – write your gratitudes on shipping tags or paper rectangles to be strung together as a garland or a paper chain.
  3. Gratitude jar – write your gratitudes on slips of paper that are put into the jar each day. Share these aloud with your family at the end of the month. (Decorating the jar can be part of the project.)
  4. Word art – a word art page/piece focuses on gratitudes. (See discussions in recent shows about “word art” style sketchnoting or journaling.)
  5. Hands – outline hands on paper (multiple times and in desired composition/layout) and then fill in and decorate the hands throughout the month with daily gratitudes, patterns, illustration, color, etc.
  6. Circle segments – draw a circle at the center of a page and draw rays (lines) out from the center to the edge of the page (or stop short of the edges; the lines can even be varying in length). Write your gratitudes in these segments (or on each line).
  7. Collage – do a large collage or index card/sketchbook page collages throughout the month focused on gratitude.
  8. Keep a gratitude log – write down 1-5 things each day for which you are grateful.
  9. Clothespin wreath or string – write your gratitudes on clothespins which you then glue together in a circle to form a wreath or a frame… or clip the clothespins to some form of rope or along a curtain edge. These might also be glued to the edge of a bookcase, the top of an inspiration board, or some other location where they become an inviting and unique piece of folk art. The clothespins can be painted first for a colorful twist… so experiment! (Consider wooden/popsicle-style sticks, as well.)
  10. Calendar – fill in a pre-printed calendar with daily gratitudes.
  11. Tracking – add a column to your tracker to record your gratitude (especially if you are not keeping a dedicated gratitude log).

More ideas are coming in this month’s “short” shows — which I am tentatively calling “sparks.”

Show info:

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