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Gratitude Project Examples

Amy Featured | Gratitude

In Episode 268, I talked about a bunch of options for gratitude projects in November. I did my own “drawing a day” project last year, adding an image each day to the page to create an overall page of things for which I am grateful (after being especially inspired by a project by artist Jennifer Lawson). My approach was just that… my approach.

There are an infinite number of creative options for gratitude projects. Here are a few examples, most of which I talked about on the podcast.

Note: in some cases, the sample project shown below is not necessarily gratitude in theme, but in Episode 268, I talked about projects like these done specifically with a focus on gratitude for November. I looked at projects like these and immediately saw the “gratitude project potential”:

Hands — filled in with gratitudes (great family project, too!):

Gratitude Hands

Heart — colored in and diagrammed with gratitudes:

Gratitude Heart

Mandala (or do a spiral) — write gratitudes in around the rings/spiral:

Gratitude Mandala

Center circle with “rays” extending out — write gratitudes in each ray surrounding the core:

Gratitude Rays

Clothespin wreath — write gratitudes on clothespins and assemble. You could also create a frame or attach the pins to a bookcase, curtain, inspiration board, etc. (Another great example.)

Gratitude Wreath

Gratitude garland (or paper chain) — example shown is a bit different but gives you an idea. Write gratitudes on shipping tags, bits of paper, or paper chain rectangles.

Gratitude Garland

Klimt tree — I forgot to talk about this in the show! This is a great idea. –> Gustav Klimt For Kids – The Tree Of Life Gratitude Project


Additional ideas:


(The Pinterest embed feature didn’t work when I tried it tonight. I’ve posted screenshots of what the embedded script should have pulled linked through to the initial pin.)

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