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Spark Nov 21

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Spark Nov 21


Spark: November 21, a Creativity Matters Podcast Spark

Day 21 of the NaPodPoMo Spark series for November 2017. Fair warning that this is, truly, a meandering and wandering post… this one has a tenor all its own. In Spark 21… thoughts about the wonder, whimsy, specificity, and sequencing that appear in a personal gratitude list and how those elements go together to make an individual list. Gratitude lists are not one-size fits all, and while there are many posts out there that present lists of things for which you might be grateful… such cheat sheet lists seem unnecessary to me. Finding and recognizing gratitude should be something you have to actively do… not something which you can borrow from another list or a guide to categories of gratitude. As you’ll hear, I must prefer personal lists. I believe people can learn by example.

For more information about what I am doing, catch Episode 271.

(Apologies… the quote I read ends up being one I’ve read before in the Spark series, so I deleted it when editing the show.)

The snippets I read are from this post: The Gratitude List That Saved My Life

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2 thoughts on “Spark Nov 21

  1. Do you know we are listening, even if we don’t leave a comment? I often feel guilty just hitting the ‘x’ to close when it’s over – just. like. that.
    Today I am grateful because my son, an instructor pilot at Laughlin AFB in Del Rio Texas was NOT one of the two instructor pilots involved in the trainer plane crash on base late yesterday afternoon. One ejected and was injured, one died in the plane crash, but neither of those young men was my son. I am heartsick for the momma whose son it was, but I am so.very.grateful. Yes, I will log it with an illustration in my gratitude journal, and of course it will get shared with all the rest of them at the end of the month as if this one was not the most special, but I dare not say it out loud because my ‘mother of airmen’ tribe has lost a lot of sons and daughters. Somehow to be ‘grateful out loud’ is to gloat. Or something.

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