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50 Things Inspiration

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(written last month, in November)

Being Thankful, Making a List, Keeping a List, and Finding Something Other than What You Seek

In a Spark show, I talked about a list of 50 things… that I had seen (more than once) in the month of gratitude-focused daily podcasting. And then when I went to find that list one night because I wanted to read bits of it the next morning as part of the podcast, I couldn’t find it. I looked and looked, and I couldn’t turn it up. Instead, I found templates … cheat sheets… lists that are generic and are meant to show you categories for which you can be grateful.

I found the Cliff notes guide to gratitude.

It was disturbing.

If you are a Spark listener, you heard my thoughts on this kind of list in Spark 21. More personal lists, real lists, specific lists… that is the kind of list I want to read. I believe you can model the doing and still provide inspiration rather than just creating a cookie cutter list of generic categories.

Today, I have it in my head (and heart) to record a non-gratitude show…. one that will let me deal with two books that I love but really need to take back to the library. I thought I might have started notes on these a few weeks ago, before I realized Spark would be a thing and would prove to consume the days of November. The one word I thought might pull them up was “lazy,” so I searched on “lazy” in Evernote and, strangely, the first hit was the 50 things list that totally eluded me last week. (This makes absolutely no sense. I looked, over and over again last week for this list in my files.)

Reading it now, I see that it does have a vibe of generic… and yet there is just enough in this one to make me think, every time, that this list also tells me more about this person. Seeing it this morning was a fluke… completely random… a moment of serendipity.

Note: The linked post is from 2009. I hesitated to link it today because some of the public people noted have been in the headlines recently… but I did want to show this list and also highlight this random moment of finding something other than that for which I was looking. (I am always grateful for moments of serendipity.)

Back to find the “lazy” show notes….


(And, YES!, that lead photo totally makes me itch to draw it. That is so my kind of inspiration photo for my own drawing.)

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