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Episode 279: What If

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Episode 279: What if

Above: A continued focus this month on light…

Episode 280 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, a regular show of seeking, the quest for meaning, moments of serendipity, the creative journey, and everything else the CMP represents. One of my favorite expressions is… “the universe was speaking to me.” I realized this week that everyone doesn’t use that expression or view life in that way or notice odd moments and think they must be less than random or completely and beautifully random or meaningful beyond the moment. My oddities stand out more and more to me as time goes on.

Show Information:

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One comment on “Episode 279: What If

  1. Well, I could do this every day – I love working at my little desk while you talk.
    (This from someone who has NO idea what goes on ‘behind the curtain’ to get them out there!)
    Glad you explained about why you left when the heater came on. I wondered if you were afraid the house would explode or something.
    Thanks for today, Amy.

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