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Episode 290: Panning for Gold

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Episode 290: Panning for Gold
(Yes, I really need to do an illustration for this episode! There are two metaphors… both of which I could or should draw.)

Episode 290 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP,  a couple of mixed metaphors (using a colander and panning for gold) related to the “sifting” process that happens in the new year. It’s an important process of piling all the hopes and wishes and dreams and projects into one container and then sifting to see what remains… what sticks… what fits right now. Hopefully, as you sift, what you are left with is that about which you are most passionate — that which brings you the most joy. How much free will comes to play in the sifting? That is something to think about, but you also exert some control over the process by what you do or do not give time to each day. With a half dozen or more “to do” items on tap for each day, the one or two that you devote time to indicates something important… (if it doesn’t, make sure you are doing the things you most want to do, not simply the one that seems easiest).

The conversation in this show is continued in Episode 291.

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“A red and white splatter enameled colander… all your projects and hopes and habits and to-dos tossed inside and then shaken… and the small things falling through the bottom… Make that a black colander… and then all those bits become a bit more kaleidoscopic… that seems better… I can live with that image. That’s what I feel I’ve been doing… dipping a tray into this stew of possibility… and shaking… letting things drain off… and seeing what remains. What I hope… what I have to trust… and this really does involve trust… is that what remains is, in fact, what is most important. That the things falling away are things that were not as important, didn’t have the same attachment or weight… that what sticks… matters for this year.”

(Have you ever listened to the CMP and wished you had a transcript or wished you could read part of the words for the show? I would love to know!)

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