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Episode 291: An Overarching Focus

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Episode 291: A Focus You Love

Episode 291 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, a short talk about making sure that when you make the choice to do a long-term project, you choose something you love! Or, if you start something and find it isn’t something you enjoy, give yourself permission to regroup. We should each spend our creative time (however much or little we have) doing things we find most personally rewarding. Don’t do something for 365 days simply because you “can” do that thing… is there some other thing that would be more exciting, more interesting (to you), and more fulfilling? Be careful about your choices, about finding a focus, and about being committed to doing things you love. (This conversation is especially and most relevant for those of us who have limited creative time and need to make sure the “one” thing we will do most is something that is most personally fulfilling.)

In this show, I mention a “how many smilies can I draw before I run out of ink” project I saw. I first saw the project on Reddit, but in pulling links today, I found more than one story about the project. I also learned that the pages were postcards… which is marginally important to my reaction. The Teen Vogue post I read also notes that the pen was a Hi-Tec-C, which really surprised me and changes things somewhat because I consider that a gel pen, not a ballpoint. (Strangely, both G-Tec-C and Hi-Tec-C Maica [black; multi] have been in my line of sight recently. I am still unclear how they differ, and I do hear they are scratchy. But they’ve come up in something I’ve been exploring.) I still love that someone did it. But it wouldn’t be how I want to spend 10 hours of my time! Having said that… I thought this morning (the show already recorded and ready to go) about the 365 Somethings I “sort of” started on Jan 1. I have contemplated dropping this (and definitely starting something new). But today, the pieces spilled out of a notebook, and in seeing them, my heart fluttered. These still may mean something to me… I need to keep pushing a bit and stick with this a bit longer to see how I feel. This project does NOT take a lot of time, so that’s a doable approach. I mentioned this because it is also important to acknowledge that you may not know, 10 or even 20 days in if the project you chose is something you love. But you do need to be listening to your heart and being honest with yourself.

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