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Episode 293: Regroup

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Episode 293: Regroup

Episode 293 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, thinking about the coming new month, what worked and/or did not work, and how important it is to give yourself the permission to change your goals, tasks, to-dos. Stop, look around, see what is working about what you set up for yourself as creative scaffolding, and then plan your next month. It is okay to decide that the things you thought you wanted to do really don’t hold interest for you. It is also okay to start over with the new month and try again!

Setting up a tracker or making a list of goals does not mean you are done and can move on autopilot through the year. These acts of planning do not mean that your movements are then set in stone. Your creative path and journey is always shifting and changing, expanding to incorporate something new or pivoting off in a new direction. You have the power to change what you plan and how you focus your creative energies, and you must be flexible enough to allow yourself room to change.

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