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Episode 294: View-Master

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Episode 294: View-Master

Episode 294 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, thoughts on story… the small moments in an ordinary day that are the underpinnings of story and creative journey. Thinking about story, and reflections and bits of rainbow light, led me to the mental image of the classic View-Master. In that moment, I found an unexpected metaphor, a container for the ways in which I think about the show and the small and individual scenes that make up a show. I didn’t explore the idea in detail here, but once it came to mind, and I said it out loud, I was hooked. I have spent a good amount of time perusing View-Master images and information. I am still looking for the “just right” photo to draw!

In Episode 292, I talked about sharing… sharing our creative work, the reasons we do it, the reasons for doing it, and the ways in which sharing is tied to the act of commenting. It was an “initial” conversation, a peeling back of an issue that I think is often the elephant in the room in creative spaces. My feelings after that episode led to this one, and to a moment on the road when I looked ahead and could see the next turning point… all the road in between compressed… a simple story, one of less than a mile… but one that has many, many implications, allusions, layers of meaning and symbolism. These stories — and the seeing, noticing, tracking, recording, documenting — underwrite my creative journey. These are the stories at the heart of the CMP. I am reminding myself of that with this show.


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