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Get Ready for the 2018 April List Challenge

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CMP Lists in April

When it comes to challenges, I’m either in, or I’m out. And it seems I am “in” again for April lists, 30 days of daily lists. Some lists are soul-searching; some lists are wistful. Some lists are poignant, and some lists bring clarity. The 2017 CMP List Challenge ended up more thought-provoking and powerful than I could have imagined. Some of the daily lists were a struggle, and some were hard. Some lists felt revealing, and some were simply fun. Some lists took me deeper than I expected, and some let me play on the surface. Throughout the month, daily listmaking provided a (different and short-form) way of journaling that tapped into both hope and memory. The process had personal meaning, was easy to fit into available time, and was open to interpretation and creative execution. Lists can be simple numbered or bulleted stacks of information or they can be the foundation of more elaborate art journal or creative pages. Lists are infinitely flexible. They don’t ask a lot of us. A simple word on a line… and repeat… and you have a list. But, of course, a list can be much more than that. If you open yourself up to the CMP List Challenge, you may be surprised at how much a list can hold and where it can take you.

Last year, we shared lists at Instagram (#CMPList) and in the private Creativity Matters Group at Facebook. This year will probably be handled the same, although I am considering a separate (private) Facebook group for the month. What I do plan to do different, however, is to send the list prompt via email each day. This will make it more convenient to find out each day’s list prompt.

I hope you will join me this year as I dive in, once again, to a month of lists.

Sign Up for the 2018 CMP List Challenge

The 2018 CMP List Challenge will begin April 1, 2018. To receive the list prompts by email, sign up here.

What is This All About?

To read about the thinking behind the List Challenge last year, see this explanatory post: Lists for April.

To view last year’s prompts, click here.

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