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Episode 306: Sequence

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 Episode 306: Sequence

Above: a random drawing from my recent daily drawing practice, mostly through Sktchy (the app).

Episode 306 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, a deep-dive into the forest (which I explain in the show). This is quirky, philosophical, “meta” talk about listmaking and the ways in which lists can, among other things, tell a story. They can also paint a picture, be a poem, help you organize your thoughts, and more! (There’s actually a list in this episode of many things a list can do and/be.)

No concrete book reviews in this episode. Instead, this one is just talk for the sake of talk–and for the insight that comes when you start really digging through a simple list, moving things around, and looking at the juxtaposition of details as they unfold, together, to create meaning.

Note: It is trivial, but I do think I misspoke in a list within this show… there is a reference to sugar-free options, and really, that should have been sugar-free, caffeine-free. Over the last few days, I keep hearing those two lines of the list in my head, and I realize that something is missing.

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