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Episode 311: Tracking Time

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 Episode 311: Tracking Time

Above: the drawing behind the text in this picture is a glimpse of a nightly drawing based on an inspiration photo in the Sktchy app.

Episode 311 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, a continuation of the “time” discussion started in Episode 308 and continued in Episode 310. Today’s show is about memory and documentation and about tracking time moving forward. After blocking out your time on an average day in the last show, this show asks you to really look at where your “free” blocks are and what you are choosing to do in those blocks. That’s right… there is some degree of choice involved in how you allocate “free” blocks, and it’s important to really see the choices you are making. (Acknowledging the choices you are making and the parameters of your available time helps you be more graceful and gentle with yourself, more realistic and pragmatic about what you plan, and more satisfied with what you accomplish.)

Plus, a look at the Daily Time Bar idea from Mike Rohde and ways you can use this both to help plan your time each day and document the day as the day unfolds. Using this system, it’s easy to “schedule” a block of creative time for yourself and see if putting it on your schedule helps motivate you to use that block.

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