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Episode 321: Lag

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 Episode 321: Lag

Above: a glimpse of a recent drawing in progress.

Episode 321 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, thoughts on the “lag” that happens after a big project or at the conclusion of a long challenge as you consider “what’s next.” As I tried to sort out what I might do “next,” I thought I might should shift away from portraits for a while. That lasted all of two days, but in the process, I had time to think about the layers involved in my drawing of portraits, what they offer me, why they work from me, and why maybe even though it feels like just continuing with the same thing (and the easiest path), portraits may offer me more personal value than I sometimes think. That portraits are, at the same time, a form of “surface” art is something I grapple with, and yet that surface allows me to enjoy them, fully, and, maybe, to escape from everything else and into the simple act of drawing.

Understanding your journey is an unending process.

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