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Heading into a New Month

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Getting ready for a new month

Above: both planning for September and reflection on August happening today.

Tonight’s the “First Eve” (which sounds strange, but it does make sense… it’s the “night before the first (of the new month).” Given that it is a Friday, it seems nicely timed for those of us who think through goals and trackers for the month. I find that it is always harder to deal with a “first” in the middle of the week. With the first on a Saturday, even if you don’t manage to get your ducks all in a row tonight, you still have the weekend (and even maybe the Labor Day holiday in the US) to get on track with the new month.

Last year around this time, I kicked into gear thinking about habits and tracking and planning. I am always interested in bullet journaling and traveler’s notebook systems, but last year, I jumped back on board with tracking, a new commitment to planning and goal-setting, and questions about documentation and personal data.
I posted several podcast episodes last year that might be worth listening to (again) if you need a boost, a nudge, or a kickstart when it comes to tracking or planning. Like most of us, I move in and out of sync with my tracking tendencies and with what works and whether or not I am diligent about finding and making time for it. I think if I manage to ever really clear off space at my desk, I might find new habits that are supported and enabled by better use of space. 
I am thinking that through. Maybe I can manage some changes this month to help put that to the test.
But beyond physical space changes, I have been thinking again about trackers … and formats. Knowing I talked about these things last year about this same time reminds me, again, of the cyclical nature of things.

I linked to a few habit tracker videos in my recent Kitchen Sink post, too.

Even if you think you are “not” the tracker, planner, or goal-setting type… you might surprise yourself.

(Last year, I did a sketchnote of goals in August and took a mid-month look at those goals, too. I find stating goals makes me more productive — even if I don’t manage to meet them all. And that’s okay!)


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