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Updated! Wrong Corner (Episode 326)

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 Episode 326: Wrong Corner

Above: a random corner but not the corner I was on or needed to be on or even in the same neighborhood. Sometimes, cover images go that way.

Updated! This show has been updated to resolve a problem on mobile — related, I believe, to my attempts to solve my recording issues. Thank you to the listener that alerted me to the problem. I apologize to anyone who tried to listen previously and was unable to hear the show.

Episode 326 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, a short story about being lost (sort of) and not even realizing it. How often do you sit or stand (metaphorically or not) somewhere without clueing in enough to realize you are not “quite” where are you supposed to be. There is wisdom, yes, in making the best of where you are. But sometimes, you do need to look up and realize you’ve parked at the wrong corner.

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2 thoughts on “Updated! Wrong Corner (Episode 326)

  1. I’ve always enjoyed your podcasts and how you take an everyday moment or seemingly mundane event and apply it to life as whole and the meaning it can hold within. It’s very poetic… standing on the wrong corner… that definitely speaks to me on different levels :) Thanks for sharing!

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