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Exhale (329)

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Episode 329: Exhale

Episode 329 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, enneagram talk (because I’ve been sketchnoting, evaluating, and listening to podcasts), a list of kid art that spans the years, and thoughts on Inktober (or any challenge) as October 1 spins into view. I will be doing Inktober along with the Inktober-themed Sktchy workshop.

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2 thoughts on “Exhale (329)

  1. Great show – I have been anxious to hear more about your Enneagram research (although what I am most curious about wasn’t mentioned ) I took the test! While the test itself is different from ones I have already taken, the results were exactly the same. (I am obviously much more 2D and predictable and boring than you are! )
    Being that it is #tbt today, and right on the heels of listening to this podcast, I confess that I can find artwork from both of my boys but am hard-pressed to find any of my own. A big reason is that the majority of what I created was made to be given away, although I do wish now I had been more faithful at taking a snapshot of the finished pieces. We didn’t always have Instagram don’t you know!

    1. You were thinking I would own up to a number? I think, things are coming out the same on all fronts at this point…. But how strange it would be for me to come right out and say it! I thought you might also be able to find certain pieces from years gone by… as for your own work… at least those calendars are in one place. Those are so special and should be treasured.

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