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Spark Light Nov 2-3 (334)

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 Episode 334: Spark Nov 2-3

Above: a glimpse of morning light during the November 2018 Spark series on the CMP.

Episode 334 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast Spark

In this spark episode of the CMP, days 2 and 3 in this series of November light, gratitude, seeing, awareness, and reflection.

  • How is stopping and looking at morning light each day an act of defiance?
  • A reminder that not every day will have extraordinary morning light.
  • A reminder that sometimes you have to change your vantage, shift, or pivot in order to really see.
  • The window-view of morning light that I have, this picture-frame in the distance…. quickly shifting in the moments of morning.
  • The difference in my gratitude journal last year compared to what I started this year.
  • Balance, calm, and the benefit of slowing down to look and see and contemplate.
  • Six dailies this month… little ones!
  • Building scaffolding and personal habits.

Are you doing a gratitude project this month or a month that revolves around “seeing” or mindfulness? If not, I really encourage you to consider a project that will have meaning for you this month. I talked about many different kinds of gratitude projects last year. You can find last year’s Spark shows compiled in Episodes 268, 273, 274, 275, 276, 277, 280, 282, 283.

“‘Oh my goodness…. is she really going to talk for 30 days about what the light looks like out the window?’ I might just do that.”

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2 thoughts on “Spark Light Nov 2-3 (334)

  1. Thank you for this. I am not ready to take up another full blown project of anything again right now, but I do love the idea of being aware of what I am grateful for, and the importance of noting it. So I will keep a lined sheet of paper on my desk in order to write what I feel grateful this month when it occurs.

    1. If you haven’t before…. you may be surprised at how wonderful that practice can be. (Many do it always/daily. I can’t claim that. But when I return to it in November… it is powerful.)

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