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Everyday Sketching (337)

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 Episode 337: Everyday Sketching

Above: a glimpse of the cover of Everyday Sketching (by Steven Reddy), the book reviewed in this episode.

Episode 337 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, a review of Everyday Sketching and Drawing by Steven Reddy. This show is not a Spark show, but because it ends up falling within the Spark timeline, the intro takes a spark turn, so there is a gratitude thread and flavor to this episode. The book by Reddy is one I am very excited to share with you. I think you will really, really be inspired by Reddy’s approach and by the many, many examples. I love the curvature and roundness that I associate with his style, a certain whimsy, and I am especially appreciative of the beautiful way in which he depicts scenes that are overflowing.  Whether interior scenes, urban sketching examples, or still lifes, Reddy seems to be drawn to scenes of clutter and drawing the beauty in the jumble and tumble of objects. Definitely a book for anyone interested in everyday sketching, urban sketching, or painting to check!

This book was reviewed before I talked about (or even started) the 5-minute daily sketch I am doing each morning in November, but the book ties in beautifully with how I have been thinking about that process. To hear more, catch Episode 336.

I am listing a number of urban sketching titles below. Some of these I have looked at in the past; some I have not. You will also see that Reddy has an Etsy shop via which he sells other collections of his work.

Note: I haven’t gotten my hands on this book yet, but I am seeing people talk about it and create beautiful everyday sketchbook pages based on this book. One to check! Draw Your Day: An Inspiring Guide to Keeping a Sketch Journal

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2 thoughts on “Everyday Sketching (337)

  1. That very book is sitting on my tbr table, as it is one I’d requested and picked up from my local library branch earlier this week.
    Which I am so grateful for since so often you review a book that sounds wonderful BUT my local library doesn’t have it.
    Saying that, I could easily pick up the new habit, spending a few hours at one of my favorite local shops . . . What a great idea!
    Great show!

    1. Coincidence! You’ve been posting such beautiful work that totally makes me think you will appreciate this book…. you have your own style, but I think you’ll like the inspiration here. You’re a step ahead of me, too, because I’ve seen you mentioned a book recently that I haven’t been able to get my hands on yet!

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