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Cup of Coffee (343)

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 Episode 343: Cup of Coffee

Above: a glimpse of my Advent Shawl in process for December 2018.

Episode 343 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, thoughts on the idea of a “creative” (or “art-themed”) white elephant exchange and four vignettes from the days of December. These are simple quotidian moments…. a forgetful or absentminded coffee, a lost notebook, a notebook that is falling apart (in funny ways) despite bits and pieces of washi tape, and a daily knitalong (KAL) shawl project in rainbow colors that has given me a way to integrate some leftover bits from years (and gifts made and given) past. I evidently had trouble counting, on the spot…. I said over and over again that there are 5 colors in my set of rainbow “minis” (small skeins of yarn that are similar in concept to ink samples). But when I said the colors, you probably heard 6. There are six. Six colors.

I recorded in a hurry the morning of my mom’s arrival. Turned out her plane landed an hour early!

I hope you are enjoying your days of December, too. I’ll be working on “end of year reflection and planning” with the Facebook group — and hope to really be able to take a look at how my year went and how to make 2019 a year that moves some of my goals forward.

Thank you to those of you who listen to the Creativity Matters Podcast and who let me know that the show has meaning to you — or that you simply enjoy listening. There is so much doubt in this process, and every time I read online articles about different kinds of people and the reasons they share, I internalize…. I overthink…. I worry. Thank you to those of you who support this show. Your support and encouragement means a great deal.


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2 thoughts on “Cup of Coffee (343)

  1. Loved this show! It felt so much like you were sitting in that blue chair, right over there, in my Imagination Station, talking with my while I created to start, then while I sat in my son’s family room while all three kids were down for a nap to finish listening.
    Your white elephant idea? OHMYSOUL an organizer’s nightmare TO BE SURE but like Linda said, the guilt of seeing some of the supplies I’ll never use (at all or again, makes no difference) is hard for me. I hesitate to donate art supplies because I know these are neither what people NEED to find at the Sharing Center, nor things that don’t require a very specific target audience.
    Recently, I packaged up a random box of art supplies and sent them to a temporarily housebound creative friend. It was a wonderful feeling! The items had real value . . . but not to me any longer, and Imtold her that if all she did was to play with them and then throw everything out when she went back to work again, they would have served their purpose.
    The collective interests in the CMP run from quilting fabric and yarn to India ink and acrylic paints, stamps and stencils to die cuts and stickers! Just boxing things up and mailing them off may not work very well. BUT could we take pictures of the ‘stuff’ we wanted to ‘share’ and allow people to send a private message saying, ‘‍♀️ I want to try those India inks and the calligraphy brush!’ or ‘‍ those tubes of gouache have my name on them!’ or ‘ please send me that bag of remnant yarns!’ Wouldn’t it be cool to have a ‘selective’ white elephant exchange? Maybe [you could] create a file in the group where we could jump in, post our white elephant items for any and all to see, deleting the picture when the item has been claimed? If not willing to simply pay the postage, we could state what the postage charge would be, or make it such that all ‘bidders’ agree to send whatever the postage amount ends up being. (Obviously I haven’t done this before and I haven’t even BEGUN to figure out the ins and outs, but I honestly think something could – and we really should try to make this – work! I have been wondering how I could somehow manage to do this very thing!)
    Enjoy your mom (I know you will) this Christmas. Mine used to come for two weeks every year at either Christmas or Thanksgiving (rotating holidays with my sister) and I sorely miss it.
    I applaud your ‘make it work, use what you have’ attitude for journals and your current yarn project. We throw things away too often and too soon any more I think.
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Thank you, Pam! I am glad the thought of that kind of exchange made sense to you, too. Things would certainly be easier without postage! Happy holidays to you as well!

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