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Lions, Tigers, and Planners (345)

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Episode 345-Lions, Tigers, and Planners


Above: there are all kinds of planners you can buy. Any notebook can work, especially for bullet-journaling.

Episode 345 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, planner talk…. a narrowing in of focus, reasons to keep a planner, journals and planners, pretty planning vs minimalist planning, general thoughts on keeping some form of daily lists, the vast planner community, and the importance of Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal approach. Plus, a composition book cover story. This show was supposed to include mention and review of three planner books, but they will be reviewed in the next show.

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4 thoughts on “Lions, Tigers, and Planners (345)

  1. Great show. So sorry you were still sick when it was (finally) your turn for the Ryder Carroll book, but glad you got right back on the list again. I think you will really enjoy that one as it’s a great fit for your style and approach to journaling. Looking forward to the upcoming book talk episode since my library doesn’t have either of the other two books you mention.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Pam. I’m sorry to hear that the library doesn’t have either of these! I’ll be sharing some quick-flip samples at Patreon, so that will give you a look. Both come out of the bullet journal mentality though….. but the style of those books is very visual and full of samples and examples.

  2. Just got around to listening and once again, your topic landed with me like magic. I have been thinking about my use of BuJo (minimalist) but also all the lists, odd pieces of paper and notebooks and journals of various kinds that feel a bit unwieldy and out of control. So have been wanting to revisit my planning system (if system isn’t too grand a word…). Thanks again for clarity, insight, encouragement and another list of helpful books.

    1. So happy that this discussion hit home with you, Catherine. I completely identify with the odds and ends you are talking about and quest to find the right system and approach!

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