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Meet-up (349)

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Episode 349-Meet-up

Above: a glimpse of a photo from the beautiful Ladies Drawing Night book talked about in this episode.

Episode 349 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, a review of Ladies Drawing Night and lots of discussion of the challenges of finding creative groups (or art-based meetups) in the real world. (Things probably get a bit or a lot conflated in this book…. there is a difference in just finding or making friends and in setting up or attending a creative group or having creative friends. I know. Most people already have part of that solved! I am looking at the “do it all at once” path. This may be the absolute wrong approach, but if I have to meet and greet at this point in my life, I am looking to meet and greet other creatives. I think I am alone/not alone in this.) There is a group local to me that meets once a week (in a coffee shop or somewhere similar) to draw on Saturdays. I am trying (really hard) to talk myself into showing up.

Ladies Drawing Night This is a book I think you will all find inspiring and magical as you think about how weekly art-focused get-togethers might work. I worked through my sense of being at the zoo and looking at some kind of exotic breed of socialization that is totally beyond my sense of reality — but ultimately, I think this book is wonderful, and I hope it will nudge you to put your own feelers out in your area. Tune in for a review of the book, a rundown of the creative-/art-night themes they tried and documented, and some tips and suggestions for finding or starting your own groups. Plus, a reminder about the importance of online communities, too.

Note: Before posting the show, I finally got logged in at, and I’ve “joined” several groups. They mostly appear to be somewhat inactive, but we’ll see what happens. I think I probably am really not “group” material, and, really, I am not necessarily able to fit in “real-world” meetings. But maybe I can find someone to draw at the library with me. We wouldn’t even have to talk…. shhhh…. it’s a library!

Thank you to all of the applesauce listeners from Episode 348!

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