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Points of Pivot (351)

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 Episode 351: Pivot

Above: a portrait drawing during the #portraitchallenge_2019 drawing challenge at Instagram, March 2019.

Episode 351 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, a meandering discussion of pivots. I think of pivots are more deliberate and angular than a gentle curve in the path, but this discussion takes a look at pivots of all sizes, pivots you only really see in hindsight, the ways in which working in series opens up space for a pivot, and a reminder to be open to the points of possibility a pivot can represent.

I started in one place thinking about pivots based on some drawings I have been doing for the #portraitchallenge_2019 at Instagram. But as I thought through the ways in which pivots work and the ways in which we do or do not necessarily recognize points of pivot until later, I did wind my way around. Maybe there is room in the definition of pivot for curving paths as well as sharp angular shifts.

Ultimately, I hope you do consider points of pivot and be open to the possibilities they offer for growth, satisfaction, and inspiration. A good pivot can be a breath of fresh air. Or it can turn you onto a completely new or unexpected path that turns out to be exactly what you needed or exactly what you were ready for (whether you realized it or not).  Whether you reach that point because you bought new tools, signed up for a class, decided to take a challenge, or just got a wild idea to try something different, if you follow a point of pivot for a few days (or a few pieces of art) and it feels right, then keep going. Ride the pivot to see where it takes you. Another pivot is almost always waiting, just around the corner!

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