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Storybook Style (355)

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 Episode 355: Storybook Style
Above: I enjoyed sitting and looking at a new-to-me stack of books illustrated by Peter Reynolds.

Episode 355 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, let’s lighten the mental load today and enjoy some charming, whimsical, watercolor and ink illustration from Peter Reynolds, author of The Dot and Ish. Those are classic books (and they’ve been talked about before on the CMP), but in this show, I pull a stack of other books illustrated by Reynolds and give you a run-down. 

If you are new to Peter Reynolds, definitely check The Dot, IshSo Few of Me and North Star first.

You don’t have to have a child to read with to enjoy looking through these books, and most of them have wonderful themes of creativity, individuality, diversity, perseverance, vision, innovation, and self-affirmation. Enjoy!

After-show Notes

Note: After I finished and this sat waiting to be edited and posted, I noticed Playing from the Heart in the floor by my chair. I had it as part of this grouping and forgot to record the summary. I’ll tuck it in next time.

The Dot and Ish show up as early as Episode 20 (no longer available). Looking at the show notes bulleted list for that episode, feels so quaint and long ago! Other Reynolds titles show up in Episode 73: X Marks the Spot

While checking for Ish, I ended up on this page, which doesn’t include Ish, but the quote at the end from a then-young son, charms me. (Had I not written it there, I would never have that tidbit.) I have spent a good bit of time today and over the last week or so deleting files from my site, randomly, haphazardly (sort of/sort of not), and keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t accidentally crack the foundation. Even if I don’t reduce the actual CMP history, I need to sweep things up so that I can move hosts and make the best and most cost-effective decision. Before there was a Creativity Matters, there was a Creative Mom (which the site still uses because it is difficult to sort out the spiderweb I have), and before that, Threaded Thoughts (a domain I inadvertently lost and have always missed), and before that The Flap and Cybercodes. Along the way there was a BrambleBug and a HeretoThereArt. There are vestiges and heaps and trash piles and broken roads. There is clutter that swells and grows and breeds. When I look back, I am caught and held by the clues to my own past, the last decade or so. And I am glad these breadcrumbs exist. (I do know what gives me joy.) Even so, I am deleting piles and piles of stuff. We’ll see how things shake out in the end!


Mentioned in this Episode:

Not Mentioned — but ones to check! (I am checking these out next and look forward to seeing them.)

Show Information:

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2 thoughts on “Storybook Style (355)

  1. Oh! I just could hardly believe my ears as you listed many of the books I’ve just recently purchased for ‘the Nanna library’! It was as though you could ‘see’ the bookshelf, like the old Romper Room mirror, from my blue chair! What FUN!!
    On your further recommendation, I checked out Stella – low and behold – she even has a beautiful mermaid book for my growing collection!
    I especially loved the quote from Happy Dreamer, “I have so many dreams, it can get messy . . . creative chaos . . . cleaning up hides my treasures . . . “ It belongs hanging over my DESK . . .
    Another great show, Amy. Thank you!

    1. I am so happy to hear you have been collecting Peter Reynolds books for your library! I do think you will enjoy the original Stella books, too. Such beautiful watercolor!

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