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Three Things (353)

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Episode 353: Three Things
Above: a glimpse of Cake, the book talked about in this episode.

Episode 353 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, a brief discussion of a “three things” approach to staying in touch with someone or checking in with yourself inspired by my reading of a YA book in which the characters used “three things” to get to know each other. Try writing down or sharing “three things” to describe where you are or what is important in the moment. How do you choose three things from all the things? Open yourself up to this process as a daily insert in your journal or sketchbook. When doing it for yourself, don’t overthink it. Be honest. Be real. What three things immediately come up and tumble to the page? What can you learn from these things?

Also in this show, a bit of discussion about #the100dayproject (starts April 2) and #oneweek100people (starts April 8). I am doing both. I had the chance to look anew at my 100 people sketches from 2017, which gave me an interesting moment of reflection.

And, in this show, a quick look at the whimsical Cake, illustrated by Maira Kalman and with recipes by Barbara Scott-Goodman.

Reminder – you can make beautiful art with what you have and with humble supplies.

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