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Sketchbook Explorations (357)

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Episode 357: Sketchbook Explorations

Above: a daily page of simple contour drawings from my 2019 #the100dayProject.

Episode 357 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, a finch on scaffolding, and a series of dominoes (though I cut out most of what you don’t need to know or hear), and a book called Sketchbook Explorations by Shelley Rhodes that I really, really enjoyed looking at.

Sketchbook Explorations is not a real “tutorial”-based book, but if (like me), you love looking at beautiful examples of an artist’s work, especially in series, then I think you will find this a beautiful and inspiring collection. In preparing to talk about why I enjoyed it so much, I found myself traipsing through some previous “series”-driven projects. The idea of working in a series is near and dear to my heart and very much a foundation upon which I build my work, line up my personal projects, and “view” my day to day creative efforts. I don’t want to draw one person in sunglasses. I want to do 61 — and I know that the sum of the work may have much more impact and value than a single drawing. Taking cover in numbers? Maybe. But series often involved grids, and my love of grids is intrinsic and true.

So, I hope you will check this book out or look around for an online flip-through to get a sense of her style. Get inspired. And then go do your own work. That is always the goal!

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