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To Take Or Not to Take (359)

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 To Take Or Not to Take (359)

Episode 359 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast – Packing Your Art Stuff for Travel

In this episode of the CMP, thoughts on packing creative tools for summer travel. If choosing what to take and what to leave is chaotic, then this show is for you. If you have ever taken more than three of the same exact pen when traveling, this show is for you. I totally understand the challenge!

After this episode, I hope you will approach travel packing differently next time. Stop and think through what you are hoping to work on, what limitations you have on what you can take, and how much time you will really have…. be realistic! Then make a list and sort out the things you really need to have along. You probably need far less than you think! Could you manage with just a small sketchbook and a black pen? Could you?

This show is all about minimizing what you carry and simplifying your approach. Keep in mind that you may have to be flexible and plan a travel project or approach that is portable, especially if the way you normally work isn’t.

p.s. Don’t forget those packs or jars of crayons for the kids at diners you might stop at along the way.

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One comment on “To Take Or Not to Take (359)

  1. I would love to see what your quilted travel supplies bag(s) look like! Do you label them? Just know which bag holds what stuff? Or do you add a clear panel so you can see inside? So curious – love this idea!
    Great show. I’m in the ‘take it all just in case ‘cuz you never know’ camp so I like having a ‘ready to grab and know you’ll be covered no matter what’ bag. Think: opposite of minimalist. More ‘I want it ALL so keep necessities and duplicates in here bag’ kind of girl.

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