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Series 2 Postcards – Colorful greetings for summer!

Amy Featured | Postcards

Fresh postcards for summer!

I still have postcards left from Series 1, but I’m back with Series 2 — the Sunglasses Series. Everyone knows I am an unwilling marketer. But I don’t want to give all of “this” (the podcast, my creative habits, my art) up. Can postcards save the day? I don’t know, but they can add a burst of summer zest to someone’s mailbox, vision board, refrigerator, or wall!

Support the CMP and receive postcards — or choose to have me write and send a card to someone as a surprise!

Series 2 Back Story

Most of the cards in Series 2 were created in 2018 and exhibit a bold, graphic feel with a bit of pop and cartoon vibe injected into the saturated colors. Most of the cards in this series are bold, feature vibrant and/or retro colors, and have a very different feel from the ballpoint portraits and pen and ink in Series 1. (One card in this series is pen and ink and ballpoint.)

You are encouraged to use permanent marker and add words to the front to give additional voice to these cards for mailing. When finishing a portrait, I often ask #whatwouldshesay? I encourage you to answer that question at the time of sending! Mark them up. Make art from art! Or let them speak for themselves. The pop of color is sure to make a snail mail statement.

The Details

Cards are 4×6, heavyweight. They are blank on the back side with the exception of an “Art by Amy Cowen” line at the bottom. These are postcard prints of original art, and as such there may be minor inconsistencies in color or printing, stray marks, and even vestiges of the sketching process still visible. Most of these pieces of art were created on manila index cards, so many of the postcards have a neutral (non-white) background. They hold up well in the mail, and they are perfect for sending a bit of encouragement or “thinking of you” sentiment.


Card Sets

Cards available are shown in sets listed below. Availability is limited. If you are interested in supporting the CMP and receiving a set of postcards in return, email and note the set you are interested in and your complete mailing address. I will reply to confirm availability and your total for PayPal.


Choose a single card, let me know what short message to write on the back, supply the recipient’s address, and I’ll fill out and mail a card on your behalf. This card will be sent through the mail so that your recipient receives snail mail art from you. $3/card (includes shipping). (US addresses only)


All payment to support the CMP is by PayPal (please note that you are a friend).

Shipping and handling

US only (contact me separately to inquire about international shipping)
1-5 cards – $2.00 (First class)
6-10 cards – $3.00 (First class)
11-15 cards – $4.00 (First class)
15+ cards – $7.35 (USPS Priority Mail)


Given the nature of postcards and the goal of this offering being acknowledgment of support of the podcast, no returns. If there is a problem, please reach out via email.

Note: The pen and ink portrait with rainbow hair does seem to have a single black speck in the white background in the print. Please know this slight imperfection is there before ordering. 

Series 2 Sets

Group A – 5 4×6 postcards – Pen and Ink Meets Color  ($10 + s/h)

The cards in this set are pen and ink with a splash of color.

Pen and Ink Color



Group B – 4 postcards – High Color Reflections ($8 + s/h)

This set features four favorites of mine from the series.




Group C – 5 postcards – Comic Vibe ($10 + s/h)

This set has attitude! These are not your ordinary heroes; these women all have spunk, mood, and something to say.

Series 2 Comic Vibe





If you have any questions, please email me.

Thank you for your support of the Creativity Matters Podcast.


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