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Scroll Your Feed (362)

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Episode 362: Scroll Your Feed
Above: A sample weekly grid from my #52weeks for 2019 process.

Episode 362 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast – Series, #52weeks, and Scrolling your feed

In this episode of the CMP, an advocation of “scrolling your feed” at Instagram (or a similar place where you post your work in an ongoing, sequential way). You can learn a lot about what you are doing when you scroll your feed. Small changes show up, and sometimes you can see those best when you look at small groups together, side by side and back to back. So… you should!

Also referenced here…. my #52weeks process this year, a simple weekly grid that gathers and collects my work each week into a single image. I think of it as a “week in review,” and the process of sitting down (with a fresh cup of coffee) mid-day on Sunday each week and making and then sharing this image has become a routine part of my week. I look forward to it. I enjoy it. And I love seeing these little grids and how the work in them coalesces — or doesn’t — and what clues from the week I see within the work I did in the last 6-7 days. Scrolling my feed, however, gives me a different look…. and over time. I’ve gotten really fascinated by looking at the feed…. looking at groups of 12 on the screen at a time and how they flow into the next twelve (before or after). Small series show up, small changes, different groups that hold together and some that I like better than others. “It’s a breadcrumb trail somehow to my creative life.”

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