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Fifty Before Fifty (365)

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Episode 365: 50 Before 50

Episode 365 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — 50 Before 50

In this episode of the CMP, a list for a year…. not a bucket list, different from a 20 before 2020 or 19 for 2019 list., and not simply a “to do” or “goals” list (in the sense of, “put out 50 podcast episodes” or “schedule that medical test”). Instead, this is a list to live during a birthday year. I have set up my own 50 Before 50 list of things I will do before my birthday next year. Many of these things are very small, (very) free, or just the slightest bit of a stretch, but already the list has become a map, an adventure, a point of focus in my days, and the galvanizing perspective for my art-making and creative journaling and documentation.

In this episode, I talk about the idea of the list. Many, many people make these kinds of lists. Some share them on Instragram, or on special Facebook pages, or with dedicated podcasts or blogs. There are many lists like this you can look at for inspiration. If you make your list for the single year of days before the birthday, there will be certain limitations. (That is the kind of list I have.) If you make a list years in advance, then you free yourself up to think bigger about what goes on your list (and it will probably end up feeling a bit more like a mini bucket list). But, I really like the focused, 1-year list.

I spent a lot of time considering ideas. Ultimately, I ended up with far too many things for my list (after initially being stalled), and that was, in and of itself, gratifying. I moved things around, moved some things off the list, and even combined some things. But then I also left some things separate that I knew might seem odd or too easy or too lightweight. The list has built-in whimsy though. And it’s underway.

Contemplation of a journal project for the year happened alongside the list planning. Similarly, in the past, I have done “year quilts” in the days leading up to a birthday, a block or panel a week or month, for example. I spent time contemplating that, too. Fifty is a big number, and the desire is there to mark it in multiple ways, but time is what it is. I’ll be talking more about the journal project — and maybe the list items as they unfold.

I hope you think about your own list for your next birthday year or for the next “big” birthday year (however you interpret that). (I wish I had made this kind of list for every year. Moving forward…. I might.)

Plus, some thoughts on finishing Daisy Jones and the Six (which I really enjoyed and talk more about in Episode 364), unreliable narrators, the tricky nature of not skewing commentary and yet inviting it at the same time, and the nature of a TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) culture and approach to life an story. I don’t believe stories can be adequately distilled in that way — and yet I love graphic novels and cartoon format maybe exactly because the narration is pared down in a way that makes reading so effortless, almost breezy.

Note: I think I have quite a bit more to say about the listmaking itself for a 50 Before 50 list…. after editing the show, I kept thinking, oh, I should mention that and point out that and suggest that. So… more to come. I’m really passionate about this concept, and when I see good examples of it, I find it really exciting, too.

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