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Imagine a Forest (366)

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Episode 366: Imagine a Forest

Episode 366 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — Imagine a Forest (plus, Ukulele!)

In this episode of the CMP, time with a ukulele and the Imagine a Forest book by Dinara Mirtalipova.

The ukulele is a continuation of the discussion in the last show (Episode 365) and something checked off my list far sooner than I expected! I drove myself (and everyone else) a bit crazy trying to justify things, doing my research, and, ultimately, settling for something that made sense rather than what I really wanted. But now I am having a lot of fun exploring, playing a bit each day, and just letting myself be a beginner!

I really enjoyed the Imagine a Forest book and am having a great time interweaving flowers and leaves with my other drawings. I think you will find a lot to like in this book. In addition to inspiring you to add more folk art-style elements to your work, this book might inspire you to spend some time carving a stamp or two as well. And, if you are like me, you will have to draw a griffin.

Note: There is a short followup show that continues the discussion of Imagine a Forest that will be available shortly for those at Patreon who get the extra shows. Thank you to those of you who support the CMP there.

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