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CreativeBug Classes to Try

Amy Featured

If you watch, you can often scoop a good trial or even a span of “free” days at CreativeBug. I have been really impressed with the classes I’ve watched. I think they are very well done, really engaging, and <em>easy</em> to watch. Even the “daily”-type classes are easy to binge watch. I find it makes it more fun to watch and work through a class like this rather than simply working alone on a similar challenge alone.

Here are some that I have watched or have marked to watch someday. I’d love to hear what your favorites are!

Some of the classes I have reviewed or bookmarked because I want to find a long weekend (or a dedicated timeslot each day) to work through:

(Note: The links above are affiliate links for CreativeBug. I make a small bonus if someone actually signs up for CreativeBug. But you can catch any of these classes during free times!)

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