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Filling Space (369)

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Episode 369: Filling Space
Above: using up ink from the #30inks30days project each day this month by “filling in” circles in my illustrated journal has been a really good and mindful practice… a way of filling space.

Episode 369 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — A wide-ranging show that ends with a mindfulness, filling-space, grab-a-pen prompt for you to do.

In this episode of the CMP, a mashup and spilltide discussion that hits on a range of creative talk, opinions, reflections, tongue-in-cheek musings, and nudging. Topics, highlights, and micro-stories in Episode 369 include:

… the beauty of the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows (and the example of the word “midding“)

… finishing Steve Jobs: Insanely Great, a graphic biography by Jessie Hartland (and then realizing the Hartland also illustrated a book on Julia Child that I loved — check Episode 203

… #30inks30days during September at Instagram, and a reminder to always check your face in the mirror before you go anywhere!

… and while I do admit the challenge has been finicky, and I do like just having a pen ready to go, things probably sound more black and white than they really are. I love colored ink, and I love samples of ink. This challenge has really given me a way to “use” and try samples. The challenge has just been a really fast pace with the need to clean and refill the pen each day…. tedious in that way. I have though reinforced that some colors I really like in other situations…. haven’t given me the same warm and fuzzy feeling when used in my illustrated journal. (I noticed that earlier this year when I was shifting colors each week in my Hobonichi planner, and this month’s exploration has given me the same feeling.) But other colors (like red and orange) work really well for me in the journal…. a balance against the black. I’ve been stuck right now in a string of “blue” ink days, and although I don’t normally work in blue (unless it’s ballpoint), it has been engaging to see the different shades of ink unfold on the page.

… a yellow sticky note falls out of Syllabus… but what did the “I don’t do this” note refer to?

… my son has a chance to attend a Margaret Atwood talk

…a few words about Inktober (which is still a bit up in the air — but I encourage you to do it if it has even the slightest bit of tug for you right now) — Last year I did an accordion journal of portraits, and I had such a wonderful time with the process and the unfolding of it (literally and figuratively.)

… 13 weeks into my 50 Before 50 year, and after week 12, I stopped and took a “collected view” look (a la simple image grids) at the weekly self-portraits and cup of coffee drawings that are weekly footholds in my illustrated journal

… using a cast-off ring sizing template to make circles…. and then filling them in

… thoughts on mindfulness and filling space to quiet the mind and keep your hand moving

… a “filling space” guided prompt

… a reminder that finding five minutes is possible…. try taking the five minutes before you go into the grocery store to work in your sketchbook from the car.

It is still on the long side, but I cut and cut, and even once I was done, I took one last backward glance and cut some more….


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