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How to Be a Wildflower (372)

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How to Be a Wildflower
Glimpse of the cover of How to Be a Wildflower, by Katie Daisy, talked about in this episode.

Episode 372 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — this and that, a 1-cent pennies and postage rant, and a flip-through of How to Be a Wildflower by Katie Daisy

In this episode of the CMP, an update on the “gift certificate order” that I talked about in Episode 371. (Some of you wondered… no, it wasn’t from Goulet Pens, or I would have just ordered a bunch of ink samples. Samples weren’t an option this time, but the three colors of orange/red-orange I got turned out to be pretty nice!) There’s a bit here about journaling, about trust and privacy, about postcards, postage, and pennies.

Second half of the show contains the book review of How to Be a Wildflower, which I loved! I think you will really enjoy it, too.

Note: I had recorded a small note at the end, and something was wrong with the audio, so I just deleted it. But I wanted to also mention that Lynda Barry’s new book, Making Comics, comes out on November 5. I know some of you are very big Barry fans, so this will be one to check. (I just finished a re-read of Syllabus, so I’m all set for looking at Making Comics when it comes in at the library.)

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