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Soup Club (374)

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Episode 374: Soup Club

Episode 374 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — self-portraits, soup, holiday movies, weekly creative projects, and more.

In this episode of the CMP, weekly creative challenges and the current weekly self-portrait (in my 50 Before 50 journal), re-watching “Gilmore Girls” (part of my 50 Before 50 list), randomly watching holiday movies that come up featured at Netflix (before I start rewatching some of the movies on my annual holiday watching list), and an unexpected detour (inspired by Soup Club) into thoughts on soup, a year of soup and, specifically, the possibility of 52 weeks of soup.

In addition, some random notes from my book stamp, including carved stamps and stamping, Drawing Comics Lab, and other titles that make up the ever-changing pile. (The pile itself is a comfort, even when I don’t make enough time to sit and look through the books.)

P.S. The day after I recorded this show, I made muffins and thought, “Muffins! Muffins would be more doable than soup!” There may be some validity to that. I’m still thinking about soup. That the lid to my crockpot “flew” off the stove this week when I was dishing chili was a strange turn of events. (The handle on the top of the lid broke off.) It really was an odd moment in sequence with having hypothesized about a year of soup (mostly using the crockpot). Funny how things happen and how often saying something out loud can be really clarifying.

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