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Gifts “To Do”

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Creative Gift Ideas - To-Do
It’s that time of year where plenty of list-making and deal-hunting is happening. At some point in the process, I had a sharp moment of nostalgia for the LEGO years. I enjoyed those immensely, and I hate that the boys didn’t hold onto interests that would still make LEGO-buying a thing. But beyond my own kids, I have always loved giving and receiving a “to do” gift. There are so many wonderful to-do-oriented kits available today for kids to make, create, and innovate.

I haven’t seen any of these in person, but as I ran across a few of these fun, colorful, creative kits, I thought I’d pull some onto a list in case you are out there looking for simple, out-of-the-box (but in-the-box) kits and projects for kids in your family this holiday season. These rainbow, unicorn, and string-oriented ideas might spark your curiosity or send you on a pathway you hadn’t thought of before, but one that could bring hours of creative inspiration and empowerment to the young people in your life.

There are many, many more great options out there, so be sure and browse. I hope a “to do” is on your own wish list, too, but maybe a more grown-up variety!

Simple creative and craft-oriented gift ideas for holiday giving:



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