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Holiday Movie Tracking with Trello

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Trello Board for movie watching - holiday movies

What’s on Your Holiday Movie Must-watch List?

Many of you know that I use Trello daily. After talking about holiday movies in the CMP community group, I thought it might be fun to track this year’s watching. I know there will be lots of movies I watch (alone, with my kids, or with my mom) that aren’t on my starter list, but I pulled together an assortment of classics and crowd favorites to get things started.

  • I thought you might enjoy this, too. If you’ve never used Trello, start with this link to set up a free account.
  • If you are already a Trello user, you can visit the board here. (This board is a template. Use the green button to make a copy of the board for your own use.)

Make Your Own Trello Board to Track Your Movie Watching

Use the links above to set up or access the holiday movies board. After you have your own copy, you can use it however you like. Here are some basics:

  1. If the movie you watch is already on the starter list, you can drag it to the “Watched” column after you watch it.
  2. If the movie you watch isn’t already on the list, just add a new card when you watch it.
  3. You can use the “labels” for each card to categorize or visually sort your movies. I’ve put in a few options as suggestions, but these can be changed to fit how you want to organize or document your watching.
  4. You can add other information, notes about the watching, your review, a red flag if you want to make sure you don’t watch it again in the future (or vice versa), and so on.
  5. You can change the background image for the board from the settings panel (on the right).

Why a Trello Board?

It’s nice and tidy and helps organize something that I enjoy but that can quickly become chaotic– holiday movie watching.

I look forward to certain holiday movies every year, but I also know that some years we watch so many “whatever is on Hallmark tonight” that they begin to blur together. We never manage to watch as many as we plan to either.

With this simple tracking, I hope to see “what” I watched this year, and maybe next year it will help me remember ones I want to watch again.

Questions about the Trello Board?

If you have questions about Trello, I am happy to try and help. I think you’ll find it easy to use. I use it for my 50×50 list, my reading, my work projects and time tracking, and many other lists. I even have my Christmas lists set up there this year.



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