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Birds (389)

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Episode 389: Birds

Episode 389 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — cedar waxwings in the trees

In this episode of the CMP, continued musings on being in the midst of the current pandemic. Seven weeks in, we have settled into these patterns in so many ways, and some of them – like being able to walk up the middle of the road – are really nice, freeing, and open.

Noticing odd timing and the ways in which things line up…. and a morning of bird chatter that finally drew me to the window. I was rewarded by seeing a bunch of cedar waxwings in a tree on the hillside behind my house. They haven’t been back since. As with many things, had I not gone and looked that morning, I would have missed them. I hope you always stop and look.

This is a very short show, one in line with other shows (all with non-creative titles) during these unusual days, another on the way to the end of the 50 Before 50 list, and another in this long library of spoken stories through the years.

Note: In this show, I mention a funny moment in which I’ve been periodically considering an item that I know is popular. I don’t know that I’ve been super serious about it. Mostly I’ve just been considering. I’ve looked at sizes a few times, and last week, in the middle of the night, awake at an odd hour, it came to mind, and I thought maybe I should really think about this. I spent time looking at sizes and colors (and I would never be able to decide). There was irony the next day in seeing someone else in my circle mention this same exact thing. There is no need to try and sort out what it is/was. It isn’t really important. It isn’t really something I need. I know that. It was much more about the irony of the moment and the ways in which things like up weirdly at times.

It can be easy to get weighed down by everything going on, by the anxiety and the uncertainty. But there are silver linings and gifts. I encourage you to look for them.

(The looking, in and of itself, offers a different mindset. You might find that the act of seeking and discovering helps shift your perspective in meaningful ways.)


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A note about Trello: I’m feeling really productive with my reading and my “To Read” list this year using Trello. I use Trello for other things, including tracking my 50 Before 50 list, but I am finding new book lover’s peace this year with Trello boards set up to help me keep track of books I want to read, Kindle books I snag on a deal, books I hear about in groups or on other podcasts, and then the books I actually am reading or listening to. If you haven’t tried Trello, you should! (It’s free!)

Note: links provided to books, tools, and other resources on the Creativity Matters Podcast website may be affiliate links for which the podcast would make a (very) small amount of money if the item was purchased. The Creativity Matters Podcast is an affiliate. Links are provided for convenience to help you find/see/explore the books, tools, and resources I talk about. Using the library, when possible, is always my first recommendation for reviewing books firsthand.

One comment on “Birds (389)

  1. Dear Amy,
    I keep hearing you say that few people respond to your podcasts. So I want to tell you how I love love love your podcasts. I was so excited to see the two new podcasts posted today. I recently joined the Facebook group all because of the podcast. I cannot tell you how many books I have purchased after listening to your podcasts (yes that is just one of my compulsions). When I walk and especially when I take my weekly drive to get out the house, I have listened to many, many of the older podcasts that I find equally enjoyable.
    I really related to you almost immediately because you have many many artistic interests. I am actually trying more sketching thanks to those daily prompts. I love the tea parties that I intend on participating as well as the “currently list”, and Saturday/Sunday posts, but I forget –

    I only became knowledgeable about your podcast as someone posted in one of my meditation apps stating that your calm voice at night helped them settle down before they went to sleep. Unfortunately, I want to listen to every word and stay awake for hours listening. LOL

    So since I have started listening to you, I am finally doing something creative more often…maybe about every other day vs. having thousands of dollars invested in sooooooo many creative tools/projects that stay idle because I declare to busy with teaching math to my middle school students. So the pandemic has allowed me to create…which I believe is the goal of your podcast. I laughed out loud while walking and listening to the “Rice Pudding” story as it reminds me of my “Christmas Cooking Fiasco” video…

    So please know how much you have changed my creative direction…let go of perfectionism and just create and just for me….

    Best wishes as you continue your creative journey.

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