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Drawing Group (391)

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Episode 391: Drawing Group

Episode 391 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — entering the world of drawing groups…. via zoom

In this episode of the CMP, the back and forth struggle of pandemic time. In keeping with the “pandemic time” mindset, I let this episode move in and out of time, stories of silly comments on a walk up Twin Peaks (and yes, up the middle of the road), hawks in trees, and, ultimately, doing a live zoom drawing session with a local urban sketching group. It was a big step, and I really enjoyed it. (After I recorded this show, I did another zoom drawing session with a completely different group, too. This is an idea that is awesome in so many ways!)

Still reading Glass Hotel (by Emily St. John Mandel, author of Station Eleven) and Lumberjanes. Still taking and very much enjoying the happiness course I mentioned last time. I wish I’d had this class 30 years ago. Does it mean everything is suddenly coming up roses? No…. we’re in the middle of a pandemic (still), and a lot of unexpected things come rushing to the surface as a byproduct of the ways many of us are trying to connect. Your mileage may vary. 

I know that this show slips in and out of mental nooks and crannies. This serpentine path is real and is, more and more, one I am letting meander, circle, spiral, and loop. I am careful about how much light I shine, but this work of excavating identity, self, journey, and day-t0-day living is often raw. Sometimes now and then collide in ways that make us realize again and again that we are the same inside as we may have been at 18. So much has changed, and yet nothing has changed. Listening, I am sure, may feel like being on a constantly shifting road without a clear destination or a map. I encourage the willing suspension of disbelief. Set your assumptions at the door when you come in. Grab a cup of something and maybe a pen and paper. Thank you for spending the half-hour or so with me!


It can be easy to get weighed down by everything going on, by the anxiety and the uncertainty. But there are silver linings and gifts. I encourage you to look for them.

(The looking, in and of itself, offers a different mindset. You might find that the act of seeking and discovering helps shift your perspective in meaningful ways.)


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A note about Trello: I’m feeling really productive with my reading and my “To Read” list this year using Trello. I use Trello for other things, including tracking my 50 Before 50 list, but I am finding new book lover’s peace this year with Trello boards set up to help me keep track of books I want to read, Kindle books I snag on a deal, books I hear about in groups or on other podcasts, and then the books I actually am reading or listening to. If you haven’t tried Trello, you should! (It’s free!)

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