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Catch Breath (408)

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Episode 408: Catch Breath

Episode 408 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — musings on catching breath after a big project and a short timed draw along on a Sunday morning

In this episode of the CMP, a moment of pause to look back, reflect on the need to catch breath, and ponder the end of a project and the ways in which ending big projects are, time and time again, unsettling. Even when you know the pattern, the predictable highs and lows, bottoming out as the end comes into sight can be hard.

I am still drifting a bit in an interstitial space on the heels of the 50 Before 50 Year. I know that there will be a list for this year, but a month has already passed, and I still don’t feel like I’ve wrapped up (or processed) last year somehow enough to move forward. But the new year (whatever it is to be called…. Year 50? Year 51?) isn’t waiting for me!

I needed to clear this show out for me …. it could have been just skipped and left for the leaves to fall off in the winds and changing seasons, but finally saying some of this was like turning a fresh page. There’s a blowing of a breeze through some uncomfortable realities that, in saying, help me move on. There is also insight in the writing…. and that is a truth I am grappling with in thinking about the CMP and the difference between full shows (more like this one) and the casual, off-the-cuff draw along shows. Even though I’m having so much fun run, run, running with easy, low-key, let’s just sit and chat draw along, today’s show really showed me that I have to catch my breath with real shows, too.

Always a quest for balance.

So, today’s on the personal side — but I think there’s something in here for all of us. The ups and downs we feel are real. Many times they are significant and attached to time-based events or projects or things happening in the world around us. They need to be processed, and we each do that in our own way. What I hope is that you reach out for help when you need it, that you have a friend or family member you can call on if you really need someone to simply be there for you, and that you have practices that help you balance and stabilize when you find the pendulum swinging or stalled.

In the short draw along at the end of this show, I fill in the background of a drawing with black ink. It’s a simple but tedious process. I hope you draw along for that 10-minute time drawing — or work on your creative project throughout. It’s a long show. There’s plenty of time for a long walk, a long sketch, or layers of paint.

Mentioned in this Episode (or Related)

  • The Summer List: A Novel (Amy Doan) – I loved this book last year. I read it right before all of my 50 Before 50 came into shape, and the scavenger hunt in the book (and the invitation) really played into my  mindset for the year.
  • Willa’s Grove (Laura Munson) – the fiction book I was reading during the time of this podcast. I haven’t finished it. If you come from a certain background, you may hear echoes of “women’s groups” in this book. It’s a bit heavy-handed. At the same time, there have been lines and ideas and moments that have struck me. I’m going to finish it — we’ll see. That it opened with invitations was a weird full-circle moment in the context of this show, of reading The Summer List last year, and on a day where I was really sinking and sinking fast.
  • Wine Country (with and directed by Amy Poehler) – this won’t be for everyone, but I stumbled over it right at the outset of my 50 Year (after I’d arranged to “do” this year with a few other people also approaching 50). I loved it. I watched it again a few months later. (It was on Netflix.) These friends all gather together for a weekend to celebrate a 50th birthday….. It was a serendipitous movie to stumble over, but I just found it a really good watch. (I don’t always recommend things when I know that “some” people will have issues. If you’re easily offended, do your own summary reading first.)


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Episode 408: Catch Breath

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