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Patches (410)

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Episode 410: Patches

Episode 410 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — illustrated journals and a short timed draw along on a Sunday

Literal patches, a patchwork aesthetic, and illustrated journaling

In this episode of the CMP, illustrated journaling (in sync with the CMP community at Facebook doing a mini-challenge this week: #illustrateyourweek) and a short draw along at the end.

Some illustrated journal talk today. It’s a common theme here on the CMP, and my approach has evolved and morphed with time, but I love the ways in which the illustrated journal has a fluidity to it and an elasticity. It can hold daily documentation, drawings, portraits, quotes, mindful patterns, lines, and the filling of space, graphic novel scenes, statistics, the juxtaposition of whimsy and reality, past and present, and more.

The draw along pick today was a teenager in a Girl Scout vest with multiple patches. I drew the portrait into my illustrated journal sketchbook, and, ironically, the box I created for the drawing meant I ended up with the face and none of the vest or patches. It was pretty funny, all in all, in a show called patches. It’s also a good example of how things sometimes go when filling boxes, filling space, and working in really fluid and freeform ways. It’s all part of giving in to the process and just enjoying whatever happens.

Short notes this week. Enjoy!


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