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Preoccupied (412)

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Episode 412 Preoccupied

Episode 412 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — a short timed draw along on a Sunday morning

In this episode of the CMP, a short draw along on a Sunday morning. The image (from Sktchy) was of a young woman sitting at at table and looking down at a phone in her hands.

I also talk a bit about a “how to” book for kids by Ivan Brunetti, someone many of you are familiar with because of the small (but dense) Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice book and because Lynda Barry talks about him often (and we talk often about Lynda Barry here on the CMP!). The book for kids is Comics: Easy as ABC: The Essential Guide to Comics for Kids.

Comics: Easy as ABC: The Essential Guide to Comics for Kids contains a lot of great information to get kids started creating their own characters and telling their own stories in graphic novel format. We spent many hours in coffee shops when my oldest was younger having “artist dates.” He would work on his cartoon (graphic novel), and I worked on my own art. Encouraging cartooning at an early age is a wonderful way to support their creativity and storytelling.


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