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Your Day (413)

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Episode 413 Draw Your Day

Episode 413 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — a short timed draw along, a poignant portrait, drawing your day, illustrating your week, documenting your life, and inspiration for daily drawing and thinking about “your day”

In this episode of the CMP, a short draw along on a Saturday morning.

The CMP community at Facebook has been exploring illustrated journals for the last two weeks with an ongoing #illustrateyourweek challenge. This show was recorded at the tail end of week 2. Tune in for a bit of talk about the jars of olives, some funny realizations about the stack of books I’ve had checked out during the quarantine, and a reminder to look again and sometimes even again with fresh eyes at books you’ve looked at before. You may find new inspiration or new appreciation just in flipping through something again because you’ve grown and explored and experimented in between then and now.

It was somehow a surprise to me, but Draw Your Day (discussed in Episode 352: Draw Your Day) is in my pandemic library stack. It’s one I want to sit and look at again. Turns out I also have Aesthetics: A Memoir in my stack (by Ivan Brunetti, whose book for kids I talked about in Episode 412).

I am feeling like I need a personal challenge to read through this stack. If I say it enough times, it might happen. It’s actually a very good pandemic pile! There are graphic novels, books on writing and memoir, books on creativity, books on drawing, and more. But, as I mentioned in this show, I got sidetracked by the idea of reading through the Louise Penny books as a “year” quest. I’ve started that by re-reading (via library e-book) Book 3: The Cruelest Month. I’m enjoying it, but I’m getting nowhere fast. I need a Louise Penny book club. (The other author I mentioned that mystery book readers may really enjoy is Tana French.)


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