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Melt (415)

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Episode 415 Melt

Episode 415 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — the “melt” show… a melting and meltdown-themed show on a Saturday morning.

In this episode of the CMP, a short draw along on a Sunday morning. A bizarre heatwave brought out some “melt” (and melting) sensibilities, and a late-week meltdown at the pharmacy brought things full circle. Drawing always helps!

I talked about drawing this muse from Sktchy as I got ready to draw her. I thought she was the same child as in the dragon cape from Episode 414. I know there is a photo with 3 kids sitting side by side in their costumes, and while I was drawing, I wasn’t sure if this was the same child or one of the other kids (without checking Sktchy). After I finished the show and continued working on my drawing in a Zoom drawing session, I flipped back and realized that the dragon cape girl has long, curly hair. Of course! This is from the same Sktchy account, and I really enjoyed both drawings. There are others from this parent that I want to draw, too. There’s a whimsy in these that I just love.

Random threads in this show: principles, gladiolas, naming colors, a ticking clock, and more.

If you are someone that lets the perceived “others” stymie you from posting, using your voice, making your art, or reaching out and making connections, I hope you find ways to tune out those voices. It can be very complicated, but try to not give others so much power over your creative life. They probably have no idea.

Do you like this format even though the audio quality – and the narrative – seem to be a bit all over the place? I value your feedback. If you enjoy the CMP, please consider leaving a review in your podcast player, too. Thanks!

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