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Treat (416)

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Episode 416: Treat

Episode 416 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — treats, self-treats, talking yourself out of wanting, privacy issues in social media, and a quick timed drawing.

In this episode of the CMP, a short draw along on a Sunday morning. I’ve been in a major “I really want to treat myself” mode. I find this yearning to self-treat sometimes goes along with other things feeling particularly trying or out of control. Certainly the pandemic, weird weather, and other “virtues” of 2020 so far contribute to a mindset in which a treat sounds nice. So it was with utter surprise that I retrieved a package from the steps recently and found inside a wonderful, decadent, magenty-purple ink treat from a CMP listener.

I was incredibly surprised – Yama-Budo was an ink on my magenta shortlist and, in fact, one of the primary inks I was hovering over every time I would consider giving into the desire to treat myself. I had moved from initially thinking Yama-Budo might be too purple to thinking it might be just right in the range of magenta inks I was considering. (It’s sometimes super hard to tell from samples online, and your paper and pen also impact how ink looks.) Pulling the box from the padded mailer and seeing the note that went along with it was a wonderful moment. I might have squealed. At the very least, I know I smiled really big. (Thank you so much.)

The pandemic continues to take its toll emotionally. I worry that I’m not doing enough outside of endless hours of work or doing enough for the boys or doing enough to ensure that we maximize the potential, the moments of possibility, the slivers and glimmers of opportunity the pandemic has created. COVID-19 has created a set of circumstances that would definitely not have happened otherwise and probably will never happen again. I worry I am somehow wasting or misusing this opportunity. Instead, we’re just getting by, day by day. I worry – a lot. There has been a lot of health angst going on, and it takes a lot of energy. It creates a lot of stress. I am feeling all of it, and in recording this show, there was a strong sense of the gap between everything going on, all of the backstory, and the simple decadence of opening that ink. I am grateful.

I did do a drawing in this show. My morning took an unexpected (but good) turn, and I ended up doing some group drawing after this that I didn’t expect. Drawing with you “virtually” on the podcast works for me…. and drawing with others in small groups also works.

We are finishing up Week 4 of #illustrateyourweek in the CMP group. It’s been a lot of fun. I shared Week 4’s daily nudges on Instagram, too, in the CMP stream. I hope sometime you’ll give this process a try for yourself.

The quote from this show:

“One of the advantages of being disorganized is that one is always having surprising discoveries.” A. A. Milne

Love that. So. Much. (Best soup ever, Mom!)


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